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Our Teaching Philosophy

Our team here at IGA works with golfers of all ages and skill levels!! Our philosophy of teaching the game involves a host of numerous concepts learned from some of the best teachers and players in the world. Not every golfer can swing and move the same way. We work with the individual based on their body type, physical limitations, dedication to practice, to help them reach their goals out on the golf course. We realize that there are a lot of different ways to swing the club, and do not try to mold anyone into a certain swing model. With the use of Trackman Radar, video analysis, on-course observation, and experience: we are able to evaluate the student’s strengths and weaknesses and come up with a plan of attack to improve all aspects of their game!

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Luxurious Ireland Golf Tours

The Irish Golf Academy provides luxurious tours to Ireland every year, but it isn’t just a “tour” company. We provide experiences rooted in our heritage. We’re not just taking you to Ireland to play a few rounds of golf, we’re taking you into our family and showing you the Ireland that we know. Learn a little more about our owner and main tour guide, Barry McMahon, and you’ll understand this is not a tour, but a surreal experience. Play some of the World’s best golf courses on these trips while enjoying the Irish culture and nightlife!!

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Trackman Simulator

Trackman Simulator

Irish Golf Academy has 3 Indoor Trackman Simulators that allow you to play golf all year round!  Bring your friends in to play a round of golf on the best courses in the world and test your skills on some of the most famous holes!  Trackman is the leading simulator company in the world that provides the best graphics and accuracy to being outside!  Trackman uses a dual radar system to track the ball flight with real flight, spin, distance, etc.  We are able to create a fun environment without having to spend 5 hours at the golf course.  18 holes takes about two hours on the trackman!  

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Irish Golf Academy Golfer

More Than Golf

We don’t just show you the courses of Ireland, we engulf you into the community of Ireland!  On a trip IGA you will be a part of a small group experiencing the culture of our great country including local restaurants, pubs, music, and hospitality Ireland is know for!  We create our tours with the hop that every golfer has the feeling of being a part of the Irish family before they leave!!

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What People are Saying about Irish Golf Academy

I booked my father and I on Barry’s golf trip and it was one of the best trips I’ve ever had. From landing at the airport and being greeted by smiling Irish faces and a wonderful luxurious bus, to playing the most spectacular courses I have ever played. The accommodations were fantastic… Read More
Noel S.

I spent the the first 3 days of the 2013 Irish golf academy’s trip to Ireland in Killarney. Right from the start it was superbly organised. I played at Dooks, Ballybunion New (being my personal favourite) and Tralee. Its fair to say there wasn’t a bad hole in the 54. There was plenty of time to recover from the golf before our evening meal in the hotel in Killarney. The food was up there with the golf courses TOP CLASS!!! After the meal everyone was free to do there own thing. The majority of us looked to sample Killarney’s nightlife again we were not let down, Brilliant live bands playing each night. Overall 5 Star trip

Conall F.

A sterling trip all around.  Astounding courses, excellent accommodations, a relaxed pace, wonderful company, and great fun!

Sean G.

As a novice golfer, who had never previous played on a links course (or in Ireland for that matter), I was not sure what to expect in terms of course playing difficulty as well as the skill level of the rest of the golfers.  I feared that I would be holding everyone up with all of my extra strokes and testing the patience of the group…Read More

Brad P.

Professionally organized and executed from the minute you stepped onto the luxury bus in Ireland, until you boarded the plane a week later to return to the United States. The quality of the golf courses and the breathtaking scenery is unparalleled anywhere else in the world. The accommodations were superb, the food extraordinary, and the Pub life beyond compare. Briefly stated, this was the trip of a lifetime.


Francis F.

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