I believe you have put my son in a position to win and it has improved every aspect of his life.  His grades at school are improving, his attitude/confidence better and his time is now filled with productive practice for his passion.



I found the Trackman to be a real eye opener.  Trackman made it easy to see what I was doing wrong, therefore making it easier for me to make corrections.  This approach was beneficial since it allowed me to maximize my time spent with Barry.  I would recommend Trackman lessons with Barry to anyone that needs to get the best result in the shortest amount of time.


Kettle Run

I coach the Kettle Run High School golf team and when Barry offered to work with my players  I jumped at the chance to see his approach and Wow!! Barry has the state of the art Track Man golf simulator which give you all the information you need to improve fast. I can not wait for my players to take advantage of Barry’s knowledge of the golf swing and how much fun they will have working with the simulator. 

-Dale Edwards golf addict and Head Coach K-Run Golf Team.


Barry’s knowledge of how to PLAY golf along with his technical instruction of the golf swing makes him a very well rounded golf instructor.
Add his Trackman and putting green and you will have a blast at his studio!


From the moment I met Barry at his new teaching facility in Warrenton, I knew that our team would be excited to start their golf training with him. His values and knowledge of the game coupled with his state-of-the-art, Trackman Simulator, are exactly what our team needs to get better prepared for golf season. We’re grateful to have such an opportunity.